First and foremost, this site is home for materials I am trying to share with the public as well as a place where I can organize resources relevant to my work. My CV and Bio are available here as well as links to things like my Zotero Library and the Digital Media Lab I run at the Bard Graduate Center.

Musings is pretty simply my blog. I have never been able to keep up on a blog, but now that I have this platform set up and refined I am hoping to post a little more regularly about the various academic realms I am immersed in. (Or about my favorite video game/book/movie of the moment)

One of my greatest hopes for this site is to more openly work on projects in the Works in Progress section. Since this site is driven by a wiki engine, it allows me to do a lot of work gathering materials, writing, revising, and publishing what I put together. Most projects will probably start as private pages as the work will be pretty rough, but I hope that in the spirit of open scholarship, as a project gets more mature I can open that work up to the public for interested parties to view. Kind of an experiment, but one that I hope works out.

In the future I will be adding sections on projects and tools I have helped manage and developed as well as collections of materials and links from the fields that interest me:

So, welcome, enjoy, and if you want to get in touch with me use the information on the Contact page.

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